Outdoor Fire Pit Pictures And Designs Clients Love In Their Yards

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Clients love fire pits for many reasons, especially when it’s cold. After seeing these outdoor fire pit pictures and designs, you’ll want one too.

Find out why they’re great and what they can look like below-

We Can Gather ‘Round The Campfire!

“And sing some campfire songs!” Shane sings, finishing the lyric with gusto.

Emma laughs. “Yeah, it’s too bad we don’t really have the time to camp that often.” Shane lets loose a sigh. “Yeah, I wish we could. Fires are nice and warm, plus they’re fun to gather around with friends and family. Not to mention s’mores!”

Emma cocks her head to the side in thought. “What if… what if instead of going out to the woods to build a fire, we brought the fire to us?” Shane raises an eyebrow, letting her know she has his interest.

Outdoor fire pit on a patio with landscaping

“We can install a fire pit in our backyard. Then we’ll have all the benefits of a campfire without the camping!” Emma finishes. Shane nods, a smile forming on his face. “This could be one of the best landscaping ideas we’ve had! Let’s look at some outdoor fire pit pictures and get some ideas.”

Shane gets out his phone and starts searching on Google. “I’ll look for outdoor fire pit designs and see what comes up,” Emma says.

After searching, they have a few different favorites. Here are some of those favorites:

Outdoor Fire Pit Pictures And Designs

You can incorporate fire pits into almost any backyard, no matter the design!

Outdoor fire pit design blends perfectly with patio pergola and landscaping

Outdoor fire pits work well near outdoor dining areas. It’s an ideal place to sit and relax after eating a nice meal.

Modern outdoor fire pit thats square

You can also have a fire pit be the centerpiece of your landscape. Surrounding it with flowers and trees can make it feel like you’re actually out camping in the woods.

Round outdoor fire pit

There are many styles you can choose from. The one above has a more modern, man-made look to it. The one below, while still looking man-made, has a more natural appeal.

Round fire pit made from more natural looking stone

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“Awesome, now we have some outdoor fire pit design options! What should we do next?” asks Shane. Emma shrugs. “Either look for more pictures or see what else we can find on this website.

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