Pictures Of Hardscape Projects Done For Clients In Maryland

See What Kind Of Hardscapes We Can Create For Our Clients In And Around Maryland

These hardscape projects include decks, patios, fire pits, pergolas, entire outdoor living spaces, and more. 

You can see all the pictures below-

What Can They Do?

“You think you’ve found someone to build our hardscape?” asks Emma.

“I do! The work they’ve done building other hardscape projects around Maryland is really nice,” answers Shane. “Really?! That’s great! Do they look kind of like the Pinterest ones we’ve been seeing?” asks Emma.

Shane smiles and nods. “I think they do. Of course, your opinion is needed first. We are a team, after all.” Now it’s Emma’s turn to smile. “Right! I just read up on some hardscaping basics we need to know. You can read that while I take a look at these hardscape pictures.”

Emma hands Shane her phone while he unlocks his and hands it to her. Here is what she sees:

Hardscape Project Pictures

The following are pictures of real projects clients in and around Maryland have had us do for them. 

Outdoor Living Rooms

The ultimate hardscaping project is an outdoor living room, like these:

Actual project done by our landscape designer and crew
Landscaping ideas of deck, patio, plantings, and more
Multi layer pool with waterfalls dropping into a shallow end that has umbrellas
Outdoor fire pit design blends perfectly with patio pergola and landscaping

You can use many backyard ideas to create your unique outdoor living room. These can include a patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, pergola, a water feature, and almost anything else you can think of. They’re great for entertaining friends and family.

Decks And Patios

These are both great hardscape projects:

Ground level deck with fence for privacy
Small ground level back deck with patio
Patios are a great hardscape project to do

You can use them to entertain people or as a place to get away and relax for a while. Both are also great spaces for outdoor container plants. Decks can be second story level if you want a view!

Fire Pits

They’re like the kitchen counter for outdoor areas because everyone gathers around them:

Round outdoor firepit
Outdoor fire pit on a patio with landscaping

Fire pits are great for those cooler nights where it’s still nice enough that you want to enjoy your outdoor area. There’s not much like enjoying your favorite hot beverage around a fire with people you love.

More Hardscape Project Pictures

Outdoor kitchen with pergola
Newly renovated driveway
Paver walkway leading to circular paver ending by front steps

Hardscapes can also include outdoor kitchens, driveways, walkways, and anything else that includes stone or wood.

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“These pictures are fantastic! Maybe they can handle our hardscape project after all,” says Emma. “Let’s see what else we can find about hardscapes on this blog,” suggests Shane.

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