Pictures Of Local Retaining Wall Ideas And Designs To Inspire You

Here Are Pictures Of Retaining Walls Clients Had Us Do For Their Homes Around Maryland

The retaining wall pictures are from projects clients all over Maryland (and some in Virginia) had us do. They chose a variety of materials and designs.

You can see them all below-


“How can getting a retaining wall lead to so many wins?” asks Emma.

“Well,” says Shane with a smile, “retaining walls will shore up the eroding areas on the hill, give us a shelf for plants, and open up more room for projects and activities. It’s also a great way to improve our curb appeal.”

Emma frowns a bit as she thinks this over. “That does sound great,” she says slowly, “but what about the wall itself? I don’t know if it’ll look that great. Maybe we should look at retaining wall pictures first.”

Shane nods understandingly. “Of course. We can look at retaining wall ideas and designs on Google. Let’s see if we can find a local contractor who has pictures on their website.”

“Why a local contractor’s site?” asks Emma. “Because then we can see what they can do while getting ideas. If we see some we like we can go ahead and reach out to that contractor,” explains Shane. “Great thinking, let’s do it!” says Emma as she reaches for her phone.

Here’s what the couple finds on one of the contractor websites:

Pictures Of Local Retaining Wall Ideas And Designs

These pictures were taken after completing projects for local clients. They involve a few different retaining wall designs and ideas. Some ideas and designs came from the client. Others the client had us design for them.

Three red retaining walls
Different types of retaining walls
Short stone retaining wall
Stacked boulder retaining wall making room for playground
Stacked stone retaining wall with plantings above it
Tall stone retaining wall
Retaining wall
Layered stacked stone retaining walls
Large stone retaining walls
Brown stone retaining wall with gray capstones

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“Wow, retaining walls are great! Stylish and they open up room for more of whatever we want,” says Emma excitedly. “Right?!” exclaims Shane. “Let’s see what all we can put in when we have more room.”

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