3 Plant Questions To Ask A Gardening Expert

What To Ask Before You Buy Any Plant For Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Garden

Watching your plants die and not being able to do anything about it is almost as frustrating as it is sad. That’s why everyone who wants to garden should ask these 3 plant questions before buying any. Then you and everyone’s garden will have a better chance of lasting the whole season (and maybe beyond).

Why Does This Keep Happening?!

“They keep dying and there’s nothing I can do!” Brittany says as tears begin to fill her eyes.

Asking an expert these plant questions can better help you avoid this dead garden

Bobby’s brow wrinkles in concern as he watches his wife start to cry. He’s seen how much work she’s been putting into her new garden and it makes sense why she is so upset.

Brittany’s new at gardening and doesn’t know everything she needs to know. Bobby decides to help her out by looking up what plant questions to ask. This way they can find out what they need to know for a successful garden.

He goes over to her and gives her a hug, promising to help her find a solution. He gets out his phone and looks up plant questions to ask an expert.

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#1- Is This Plant Hardy Enough For My Area?

Plant hardiness is a BIG part of their survival. Plant hardiness tells you what lower temperatures a plant can survive in. Maryland’s hardiness zone ranges from 5b – 8a, or -15 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bobby had no idea plant hardiness was a thing. He wonders if he can also find plants good for this hardiness zone.

Flowers like this are good for some of Maryland's hardiness zones

Apparently the hardiness zones on plant labels aren’t always 100% correct so it’s always good to double-check by asking an expert.

He scrolls down to see what other plant questions they should ask.

#2- When Does This Plant Bloom?

Not all plants bloom at the same time. Many people think they have a defective plant or did something wrong so that it doesn’t bloom. In reality, it may just not be time for it to bloom yet.

This is especially important with new perennials because they may not bloom until their 2nd or 3rd year being in your yard.

Bobby wonders if some of their plants are actually dead or just haven’t bloomed yet…

He shakes his head and scrolls down to the last question.

#3- What Conditions Does This Plant Need To Thrive?

This includes:

  • Sunny, shady, or part of both
  • Acidic or basic soil
  • Moist or dry soil
  • Anything else that the plant may need to not only survive but thrive

Let’s Go To The Nursery!

Bobby and Brittany get in their car and head to their local nursery. It’s time for them to get serious about gardening so Brittany can enjoy her new hobby and grow a beautiful garden for their home.

They might even look for a professional planting service to start them off right.

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