Pool Water Feature Ideas

After a long day, few things can be as relaxing as a view of the water. If you own a pool, you have a one-way ticket to relaxation right in your backyard. But as fun as a pool can be, there’s something you can add that will enhance the experience even further.

A water feature can be just the touch your pool needs to become a backyard oasis. Here are some ideas to consider as you’re looking for the perfect water feature.

1. Waterfalls for relaxation

Perhaps the most popular water feature in today’s pools is a waterfall. These can be as simple as a water wall or as complex as a rock outcropping with multiple layers. You can even create a grotto with a small space behind it for hiding out when you want to relax.

2. Bubblers to cool things down

You might have seen these features with no idea what they’re called. A bubbler shoots water up from the bottom of your pool, creating a thick jet of water. Not only are bubblers great at blocking distracting outside noise, but they also help keep your pool chilly on a hot day.

3. Rain curtain for the spa experience

If water cascading from the side of your pool isn’t enough, there are rain curtains. These features drop water down from above the pool, typically from a column or overhang. It’s a great way to give your pool a spa-like feeling. This option is especially great for smaller pools.

4. Fiber optics to set a mood

Take your pool to the next level with some fiber optic lights that color the water coming out of your feature. This will obviously work best at night, but if you entertain, it will add that “wow” factor you’re looking for. You can also find lights that change colors intermittently or that you can switch up based on your mood.

5. Fire to add some drama

If lights aren’t enough drama for your backyard, how about some fire? It might seem like fire and water would be a bad blend, but that’s what makes this such a great choice. Typically, this feature includes a bowl that houses the fire, with the water coming through a fountain on the bowl’s side.

The truth is, each pool is unique, especially when you factor in the area that surrounds it. Great American Landscapes can take a look at your pool and come up with a water feature that will create the ambiance you’re seeking. Give us a call at (301) 972-5681 or check out some of our garden features for more inspiration.

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