Bethesda, Maryland Provence Style Residence

The goal of this Bethesda Maryland property was to continue upgrading the backyard while also reflecting the family’s needs. The updated space now serves as a great spot for sports and gardening, making it more than just an outdoor area! The upgrades included leveling an area for a soccer field with bold walls, replacing the old patio and steps with a new flagstone patio, and installing a “Provence” style garden and stepping stones to connect all areas.

To add a touch of uniqueness, we opted for a checkerboard fire pit patio that is sure to impress guests. For the patio space near the house, we went with a wolf outdoor kitchen, updated plantings and the drainage (using natives and ornamentals) plus installed low-voltage lighting.

No property comes without its challenges. We had to deal with the significant rainfall uphill that created rivers crossing the property as well as the narrow access points to the backyard. The final product is a unique and upgraded space for the family to enjoy for years to come.

IMG 7052 plantings 1