Northern Virginia Residence

The owners of this home were in need of a landscaping company who was all-encompassing with the services and expertise they provided. The need for maintaining an established landscape in an affluent area of Northern Virginia was at the top of the priority list, as well as updating and renovating that existing landscape.

The components to maintain on the site include a mature and diversified plant palate, a sunny and shaded lawn, irrigation, low and high-voltage lighting, as well as a hardscape drainage system. Seasonal color rotations offer challenges and diversity in sunny and shady areas as well as pool containers to provide a tropical feel!

Renovations over the years have included the pool deck, adding and renovating various PA flagstone walkways as well as adding plantings to the existing landscape to create and buffer certain views around the property as adjacent properties have evolved.

The intricacies to maintain such a mature landscape are ongoing. The site offers many challenges both physically and environmentally. Different sunlight exposures provide different growth patterns, therefore requiring experience and monitoring of these patterns and maintenance requirements.

The irrigation system is under constant monitor as many different aspects such as a heavy clay soil, a mature landscape, sun and shade differences, as well as seasonal color all require different amounts of water throughout the year.

great american landscapes norton residence front view