The Heights School

Great American Landscapes has provided year round comprehensive maintenance services to The Heights School for nearly 20 years. The Maintenance scope not only includes the typical turf management, ornamental plant care, and annual flower planting, but also water retention pond maintenance, hardscape maintenance and repair, play area policing, and reforestation/forest conservation area compliance. 

This is an all boys’ school with an approximate enrollment of 530 students, and serves grades 3 through 12.  It occupies a twenty acre partially wooded enclave along a highly trafficked road in an older, well developed area of Potomac, MD.  The sloping topography, stands of mature hardwood trees, and thoughtfully planned landscaping all creates a truly unique natural setting. These are an integral part of the school’s philosophy and culture of instilling a deep appreciation of natural history into its boys.

This property is subject to many state and local regulations that we must comply with, while striving to do so in an aesthetically pleasing and horticulturally sound manner. 

Because the property is a wooded tract among suburban developments, we have a large population of deer who can damage susceptible plant materials quickly. Use of distasteful plant varieties and a mixture of repellents on a regular schedule are the safe methods for this property. Deer fencing and netting are not options due to the nature of the ‘boys will be boys’ activity.

Over 25 neighboring residences, whose boundaries abut the school, have varying levels of concerns about how our operations will affect them. The need for good communication, not only with the school administration, but with the entire community is paramount.

The lack of pesticides on the property combined with heavy foot traffic and use, makes sound horticultural practices and preventative maintenance (including regular aeration of turf) an even more crucial part of our quality control program than normal.

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