Turkey Run Estate

2020 Excellence in Landscape Award Winner Spotlight ⭐️ Honorable Mention: Great American Landscapes, Inc.

This stately colonial sits on the corner of a quiet Virginia neighborhood on an acre of irrigated turf that is adorned with natural boulders, stone walls, walkways, and paths. The components of the property include a diversified plant pallet, a large irrigated lawn, a ½-acre reforestation area, and a distinct hardscape area, including a fireplace and outdoor kitchen for entertaining.

The major renovation was the removal of three 70’ tulip poplars in front of the home, which have been replaced by a planting bed adorned with dogwoods surrounded by a host of evergreen and flowering shrubs.

The second enhancement was planting a large bed of hypericum along the stretch of hillside that borders the rear perimeter of the property, leading to the reforestation area.

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