Landscape Potomac

Do you have a small yard that you want to enhance without having to go over your budget?

Today’s blog is going to do just that. We are going to give you 7 tips on how to quickly transform your small yard into something spectacular, so that size will no longer be an issue.

1. Bright colors.

Colors are always key in making things stand out and gives the eye that visual appeal.

You can approach this in various ways. Plant bright flowers around your yard, in the corners or create a pathway, so when the eye wanders it seems that your yard is just a bit bigger than it was before.

2. Branching off from the first tip, create a pathway. Pathways are an easy addition that can be made to any yard. You can easily create them in the garden with the use of various plants and flowers or you can create an actual pathway with shaped bricks and stone.

3. If possible, create an entrance. Something that really draws you or your neighbors into the garden. An entrance easily attracts visitors and will frame your garden in a way that looks like you have more to offer and that there is space after the entry.

4. If you have a yard that is full of shrubbery and tall trees, don’t be ashamed of it, embrace it! Nature was doing you a favor with these added qualities.

To “expand” your yard, add some chairs or pieces of furniture so you can make good use of the privacy that has been given to you. Plus, by adding furniture in a discrete way, it seems that your yard is bigger than it really is and you have the opportunity to sit and relax. What beats relaxation?

5. Small can really work in your favor. Divide the space up and create beautiful areas with various plants and flowers. By breaking up the space uniquely, it opens up some of the unused space so your yard feel just a bit larger.

Try a colorful bed of roses or tulips in one area of the yard and then directly contrast it, elsewhere, with a garden filled with various blooms. Trust me, breaking it up will create that green space that can transform your yard.

6. Tidy it up! All gardens need space, so if your garden is just a bit cluttered consider storing some of the unnecessary items away and just make your yard the focal attraction. The yard is meant for enjoyment and to create that you need beautiful, decorative, natural pieces – not tools or shrubs that are lying around!

7. Create a focal point. If you have something to draw the eye immediately to, then everything in the yard (big or small) will fade into the background. Size will no longer be an issue when the attention is put into focus.

In creating that focal point, try a garden statute and plant roses, tulips, perennials around it to decorate it. Anything that you know will attract the eye are a sure winner.
See, with these simple tips you can easily transform your yard into something spectacular.

Size really does not matter, it’s how you use the space that does!