5 Best Spring Flowers For Planting That Will Beautify Your Yard

These Spring Flowers Bring Beautiful Colors To Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia Gardens

It’s time to get out into your garden and focus on your spring flowers for planting! You can use tulips, lilacs, and more spring flowers to beautify your garden.

You can find all 5 and see what they look like in the post below:

April Showers Means April Flowers!

“Hahaa I love that gardening rhyme!”

Rick and Lucy are walking through their local garden center looking for spring flowers for planting in their yard. Spring is around the corner and they want their yard to be bright and beautiful for it.

Spring flowers for planting in Maryland

“What kind of flowers should we get hon?” asks Rick.

“That is a great question haha! Let’s search Google for spring flowers that grow well in Maryland,” Lucy suggests. She pulls out her phone and does just that.

They need to make sure the plants they choose can live in Maryland’s hardiness zone.

After a few minutes of looking, the couple put together the following list of 5 flowers:

5 Spring Flowers Perfect For Planting In Maryland

  1. Daffodils
  2. Tulips
  3. Peonies
  4. Primroses
  5. Lilacs

“Great list hon! Can you tell me about these spring flowers for planting while we look for them?” Rick asks excitedly.

“Sure! Let’s start with the daffodils.”

1. Daffodils

“They’re a beautiful bright yellow flower.”

Yellow daffodils beautifully blooming during a Maryland spring

While most are yellow, you can also find daffodils in orange and white. They love sunny areas and will make those parts of your yard look like they were planted by the sun.

“That’s a poetic way to put it, I like it,” Rick says with a smile. He loads some onto their cart.

Lucy scrolls to the next spring flower for planting.

2. Tulips

“It’s a rainbow of flowers!”

Tulips of many different colors getting ready to bloom during Maryland spring after planting

Tulips are an amazing spring flower that comes in different colors like pink, purple, white, and more. They also make great vase flowers. Cut the stem diagonally, wrap the upper ⅔ of the flower in newspaper, and let them sit in cool water for 1-2 hours. Recut the stems and they should last for a week or more.

“We should totally do that! They’ll be great for our home and as gifts for friends and family,” Lucy points out.

Rick nods in agreement, picking out a few different varieties. Lucy scrolls to the next spring flower for planting in their Maryland yard.

3. Peonies

“I like to say these are a pony’s favorite flower,” Rick jokes (poorly).

Pink peonies

Peonies come in pinks, reds, maroons, and other colors. The best part is they can change colors as the bloom! Along with their beauty comes a delightful scent for you to enjoy.

“They come as a bush, tree, and intersectional, which is like a cross between the bush and tree,” Lucy notes. “Guess we have to get one of each then,” Rick says in all seriousness.

Peonies are a beautiful spring flower for planting in Maryland

Lucy chuckles as Rick loads up their cart with peonies. While he does, she scrolls down to the next spring flower for planting in Maryland.

4. Primroses

“Prim and proper, just how I like my flowers.”

White primroses with a purplish one in the back

Primroses are like little shining stars that come in almost any main color you can think of. They can even have multiple colors!

“They’ll work perfectly as a border plant or in little containers,” Lucy reads.

They like cooler temperatures so it may be best to plant them in partly shady spots so they last a little further into summer.

Lucy hands the phone to Rick so she can pick some of these spring flowers. Rick scrolls down to the last spring flower they’ll plant in their yard.

5. Lilacs

“Lilacs attract butterflies? That’s great!”

Lilacs are a beautiful spring flower for planting in Maryland

Coming in shades of blue, red, white, purple, and more, lilacs are an ideal spring flower. They can also bloom into the summer.

“It sure is a beautiful flowering shrub,” Rick says as he loads them onto their cart.

“They’ll look even better once we plant them in our sunny spots,” Lucy says dreamily. The couple smiles at each other as they think about the fun they’ll have working in their garden.

Before they start they’ll need to follow this spring yard clean up checklist.

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