Spring Flowers

It’s time to welcome spring!

This post is dedicated to the arrival of spring, and with that we are going to list some spring flowers that you can start planting now to truly welcome in the new season.

Spring Flowers:

1. Daffodil – these bright yellow flowers scream spring! For any spring garden the daffodil is a must. You can find these anywhere now that spring has arrived, so why not add it into your garden as well?

2. Tulips – these are also perfect for spring! They come in different colors and their shape will surely bring a nice design and texture to your garden.

3. Peonies – these shrubs usually come in pink and will be the perfect accents to welcome spring! Plant these around the home and they will truly give off an effervescent scent and warm welcome.

4. Primrose – these come in different color varieties, and will make for a great addition in your spring garden! The colors available will tie your garden together and make it very colorful.

5. Lilacs – the flower primarily comes from the purple family – ranging from all hues. This is also a great addition to the garden for spring. The color is inviting and adds a nice appeal!

This is just a short list to start welcoming spring, a longer list will be provided as we enter into late-spring! As always, Great American Landscapes is here to meet all your needs! We can quickly transform your garden in any arrangement and decor needed 🙂