Spring is Here. Is Your Yard Ready?

Spring is a great time to re-landscape and rejuvenate your yard. Do you have questions about spring landscaping? Find FAQs and answers here:

When Is It Safe to Plant Annuals in Spring?

Local frost dates determine when it is safe to plant annuals and vegetables in a particular region. For annuals you will be transplanting from pots, six-packs or flats bought at the garden center, it’s safe to plant when the last frost date is past

For seeds that are expected to sprout in two weeks, plant the seeds two weeks prior to the last frost date.

How and When Should I Apply Lawn Fertilizers in Spring?

Slow-release lawn fertilizers are generally the best type to apply on your grass. The right time to apply fertilizers depends on.


How can I keep my lawn healthy?

Clean up the lawn, beds and garden. Pick up all branches that may have fallen during the winter, leaves and debris that may be on the lawn, in the garden or beds, and clean up the area you are preparing to work with.


Once your yard is clean and prepped, and the ground is thawed, you can start on a new deck, swimming pool, gazebo, or whatever project excites you.