Spring is Here!

Spring is here! And to make sure you are ready for the new season Great American Landscapes has some great ideas that you can do yourself, or have us do! Check it out right below:



1. Welcome in the new weather and season with a fresh coat of paint. Winter may have worn out your deck’s color a bit, consider freshening it up with some lively spring colors to brighten up the home and show nature that you’re ready for some wonderful weather.

2. It’s time to add some color and life back into your gardens (front and back of your home). Plant some colorful flowers, in red, yellow, and purple tones to brighten up the cooler colors that winter left behind.

3. Make use of the space outside of your home by accenting it with potted plants.

4. Since spring is here, you will surely see a lot more birds. Invite them into your garden by installing some fun bird feeders around your backyard.

5. Get ready to start gardening again! It’s time to make sure your grass is going to be ready so now is the time to fertilize and make sure that later on your garden will blossom.


Remember to have fun with these fun tips and ideas, and as always we are here to help you reach your landscaping goals! 🙂