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Spring Yard Clean Up Checklist Of The 5 Most Important Tasks

Make Sure Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Yard Is Ready For Spring

Gross grass, overgrown plants, and more are hurting the look of your yard. You can use this spring yard clean up checklist to bring your yard back to life. 

Task #1 – check your lawn tools and equipment. You can find out the rest below.

We Need To Start Preparing

“Spring is springing so we need to spring into action too!”

Ally shakes her head with a small smile at Eric’s punny joke. He is right though, spring is coming up quickly and they need to start getting ready for it.

Woman preparing her yard for spring

“We need to find a spring clean up checklist to follow to make sure our yard is good and ready for spring,” Ally points out. Eric agrees with her so they look it up on Google.

Depending on what they find they may decide to hire a landscape maintenance company instead.

Here is the checklist for spring yard maintenance they find.

Spring Yard Clean Up Checklist

  1. Check your tools
  2. Clean up debris
  3. Prune plants
  4. Mow and seed your lawn
  5. Prevent crabgrass
Mulching as part of spring yard maintenance

“That’s all well and good, but there have to be more details than just this little checklist,” Eric grumbles.

Ally scrolls down to see what else there is on this spring yard clean up checklist.

1. Check Your Tools And Materials

“This makes sense. If your tools don’t work you can’t either.”

It’s good to check your tools for rust, splintering, and damages in general. You’ll also want to make sure you have all, and enough of, the materials you’ll need for spring yard maintenance.

Make sure to check your equipment before you start using it

“Makes sense why this is at the top of the list, we should go ahead and do it,” Ally says. She and Eric go out to their garden shed and make sure the tools and materials are all in order.

“We do need a few materials but besides that, we’re all good.”

The couple scrolls down to the next on this spring yard clean up checklist.

2. Clean Up Debris

“Debris? Like sticks and leaves and stuff?”

Rake up any debris you see

Sticks, leaves, litter, pinecones, and basically anything not grass or one of your plants should go. Removing this litter will help make your lawn healthier and prevent damaging conditions to your yard like fungus or bare spots.

“And those can be such a pain to fix,” Eric moans at the memory. He’s not about to let it happen again if he can help it.

Speaking of lawns, the couple finds the next item on this spring yard clean up checklist to be about their grass.

Mow And Seed Your Lawn

“We didn’t get to it in the fall this year so it makes sense for us to do it now.”

Mowing a lawn as part of the spring yard clean up checklist

Mowing and seeding during spring are great for helping to fill in any bare patches and fight off any weeds that have been growing.

“But it’s not a great idea to seed if we do crabgrass prevention, right?” Ally asks.

Preventing Crabgrass Growth

“Well, this step on the spring yard clean up checklist is short and easy.”

Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to keep crabgrass from growing. It’s best to do this before the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit because that’s when crabgrass seeds germinate.

Applying herbicide to lawn as a part of spring yard clean up

“I guess we need to decide whether we want to seed or take a chance on crabgrass not growing,” Eric observes. The couple decides to take the chance and seed their grass.

They move on to the last step on this spring yard clean up checklist.

5. Pruning Your Plants

“This is the best time for it.”

Pruning plants is like shearing sheep because it’s actually really good for them. Pruning can help your plants live longer, healthier lives, all while looking great.

Shears for pruning as part of winter lawn care

When it comes to pruning you can use the 4 Ds:

  1. Dead
  2. Damaged
  3. Dried
  4. Deranged

“Deranged?” Eric wonders aloud. “It’s pruning weird branches that look out of place so the plant looks better,” Ally answers.

Saucer Magnolia tree with beautiful blossoms

You can prune flowering perennials to about 4-5 inches tall and ornamental grasses 2-3 inches tall. Prune spring bloomers after they flower and summer bloomers before their buds swell.

“Will do,” the couple says in unison.

Time To Follow The Spring Yard Clean Up Checklist

“Looks like we have our work cut out for us this year,” Eric points out. “Yes, but it’ll be worth it when our lawn and yard look amazing. And better than our neighbors,” Ally half-jokes.

Once the couple finishes this they’ll want to know some April gardening tips to keep their yard looking great.

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