Summer Backyard Projects

Get to work this summer with some fun DIY projects. Both these take a short amount of time, and result in an infinitely more beautiful backyard! Or, give us a call for professional help.

  1. Garden

Create a backyard oasis and up your curb-appeal with new plants. Landscaping and gardening is an easy way to make your outdoor space feel lush in just an afternoon. Research your area first on the USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map to ensure you’re working with the right plants for your region of the country, climate and sun exposure. Consider adding low-water or drought-resistant plants to lower your water usage. For the most part, these projects can be DIY, but feel free to call a professional for a consultation or if you want to add lots of plants.

  1. Build a planter

This project takes a little craftsmanship, but results in a beautiful DIY planter perfect for vegetables, herbs, or your favorite flowers. A raised garden planter will save you money, time, and involves lesser effort than digging an in-ground garden plot. Plus you can get the kids involved and teach them how to grow their own food. With just some wood and a few tools you can DIY this project in an afternoon. These step-by-step instructions will get you a healthy garden in no time.