Landscaping Chevy Chase | Gardening Checklist

Today’s blog is dedicated to making sure that you get all (or at least most) of your gardening work out of the way!

Hopefully, you’ll find this checklist handy and you’ll be ready to tackle the big plans you have for your garden.

Summer Checklist:

– Plant bedding and vegetable plants

– Plant containers and hanging baskets around the garden and the front of your home

– Use natural pesticides to protect plants from pests

– Put some houseplants outside for the summer, so they can absorb more of the natural sunlight and enjoy the outside

– Prune shrubs – tidy the image around your home

– Fertilize crops and existing plants around the home

– Cover the gardening area with mulch
*Tip: Colored mulch adds more color to the garden!
– Grow a vegetable garden

– Start a compost

– Trim flowers

– Prune shrubs and large plants to restrict growth and retain only the best parts of the plant

– Weed beds and borders of plants/gardens

– Mow the lawn at least once a week

– Remove dead leaves from existing plants

– Prune plants as needed

– If a plant or large tree seems tilted, consider straightening it with rope to support it

– Always keep an eye out for pests

– Remove diseased wood and plants

– Clean cutting tools before an dafter use to avoid spreading diseases.

I hope you find this summer gardening planner is the perfect aid for you to tackle all the summer fun you have planned!