Summer Landscape Enhancements | Potomac, MD

Summer Landscape Enhancements

More Color
It’s not too late to add a burst of color to your garden. Fill in open areas with summer/fall blooming perennials, or even ornamental grasses. If your garden is full, but lacking seasonal interest, we can do potted annual or perennial arrangements that will brighten up any corner!

Extend Beds
Do you have areas of your lawn that may be too shady for grass to grow properly? Or a slope that you are tired of mowing? There are numerous solutions to those problems. Extending a nearby landscaping bed and planting flowering shrubs and/or groundcovers will make for a more pleasant outdoor experience. It becomes costly to keep re-seeding areas of your lawn, only to have it look bare again, and again.
Mowing a steep slope is tiresome and often dangerous. Creating an area of plantings will spruce up the slope and also reduce your mowing difficulties.

Fix drainage Issues
After all this rain we have had, some drainage issues may have been exposed. Summer is a great time to take care of these problem areas. We can help connect and bury downspouts to lead water away from your house, re-grade lawns and around patios, install catch-basins and French drains to move the water away from key areas of your landscape. We can also create dry creek beds, which have a natural appearance, in areas where mulch washouts occur, or strategically place boulders to help slow down water flow.

Create accent features
You would be amazed at how stonework can make an area of your property more useful and visually appealing. Stacked stone garden walls, fire pits, and stone planters are just a few ideas! With many types of stone to choose from, let us help you pick out the right material and space for your new accent feature.

Call us today and we will help you create the perfect summer experience.
Other Enhancements that will help you enjoy summer, just a little more:

– Stone Fire pit
– Flagstone Patio
– Bubbling Fountains
– Renovate old stoops and walkways

– Outdoor Kitchens
– Outdoor Fireplaces
– Clean and power wash patios
– Vegetable Gardens