The Difference

Industry Leading

Serving Clients Since 1984.

Great American Landscapes is a full service, design, build and maintenance landscape contracting company. We have been serving residential, commercial and institutional clients in the greater Washington area since 1984.

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The Difference is You

At Great American, our focus is YOU! It is our strongest belief that when you contact us it is with a specific purpose and objective in mind. Our job is to help clients articulate these wants and needs and evaluate how we can best go about helping them.

We are far more interested in getting to know you and what you want than we are in telling you about us.

As a result, you are not going to hear or see the dog and pony show called “Great American Landscapes,” or be bored with “Our Story”.

You will not get pummeled with awards we’ve won for other people’s landscaping or overwhelmed with random and irrelevant references and pictures.
These things have their time and place, but not until we fully understand what it is you have come to us for, what your expectations are, and how you would like to proceed.

That is our difference.

The Difference is People

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Business does not revolve around, rely on, or depend on people: it IS people! We make a sincere effort to see our employees, co-workers and supervisors, clients, prospects and vendors as people first and treat each one with the courtesy and respect that demands.

This company outlook combined with the strong and serious work ethic of our people is the catalyst for the positive and energetic workplace that we and our clients enjoy. Working at Great American Landscapes is not always easy and constantly performing to our high standards can be difficult.

However, good people find it rewarding: our full-time office staff of 20 average nearly 10 years with our company, and our 12 crew leaders over 7 years each—In this industry, this is truly Different.

The Difference is Service

Service, to us, is not a tagline or a vague idea; it is a company culture.

We are a service business in a service industry and service has become our backbone. We fully understand both the business necessities and human necessities of service and they have become second nature to us.

Over 75% of our new business comes from referrals or repeat customers, which is a great testament to the extraordinary level of customer service our company has achieved and a big part of The Difference.

The Difference is Commitment

Great American Landscapes, Inc. Is committed to “consistently delivering a superior product and service to our clients through teamwork, dedication and innovation while maintaining a positive, ethical and dynamic working environment”. This is our mission statement. We are committed to making sure we are meeting or exceeding our client’s expectations throughout their entire contractor experience. This is our common goal. Mission statements and goals are just words and a commitment to them, insincere without tangible actions and results.

Or as Forest Gump might say, ‘commitment is what commitment does.’

We invite you to experience our commitment and see for yourself why we consider ourselves, “A Different Kind Of Landscape Contractor.”

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