Tips For Working With A Landscape Designer

When you’re working with a landscaping pro, there are a few things you can do to make the project fun for both of you!

Set a budget. Just as with interior design and remodeling projects, have a firm idea of what you want to spend before you contact a pro. Not only will this give the landscaper a starting point and a helpful set of parameters, it will save both of you frustration down the road. They’ll know what designs to offer you that work with your budget. They can also come up with more creative ideas when they know your target budget.

Provide helpful documents.Although your landscape designer will conduct an initial site visit and walk-through at the outset of the job, they will most likely need a copy of your property plat in order to start work on your design, especially if there are building permits involved.

Know the look you want. It’s very helpful for the designer if you have a basic idea of your preferred style and maintenance. Do you prefer formal gardens or a more natural look? Are you willing to take on a lot of maintenance, or do you prefer something that’s more self-sustaining? Do you need play areas for pets or children? How do you like to water? This will help the designer create a landscape that works best for you and your lifestyle.