Top Landscaping Trends

Just like fashion, food, and TV shows, landscaping trends change from year to year. For this year, we’re seeing a few common requests and trends for landscape design.



Maybe it’s a response to climate change and droughts around the country. Aiming to spend less money, less time and reduce the use of fertilizers and weed killers, homeowners are choosing lower-maintenance grasses.


More homeowners are requesting drought-resistant plants, native plants, and grasses that require less watering and fewer chemicals. Grass like zoysia is easy to maintain and grows without chemicals.


Decked-out decks

More and more, homeowners are requesting outdoor living spaces that rival what you find in a home, with outdoor kitchens, TVs, couches, and fireplaces. Check out outdoor rugs, outdoor art, decorative awnings and more to bring the indoors, out.



In a return to the earth, more people are interested in having gardens in their yard. Whether it’s a full vegetable garden, or just a few herbs for cooking, edible yards are in this year. Fruit trees and berry bushes are colorful and functional for your family!


Natural Play Areas

Trampolines and plastic slides are out, and more natural play areas for kids are in! Let kids explore in a forest-like atmosphere, where they can discover nature and use their imagination.