The Best Types Of Hardscapes With Project Photos That Will Make You Want One

See What Hardscapes People In Maryland And Virginia Are Using To Improve Their Homes

The popular types of hardscapes include patios, decks, stairs, gazebos, pergolas, walls, fences, driveways, walkways, and arbors.

Find pictures of some of these below-

From Grass To…

“What kind of hardscaping should we do for the backyard?” Emma wonders aloud.

Shane frowns as he starts thinking. “I’m not sure what all the types of hardscapes there are. We should probably look into that before we decide. I’m definitely wanting a patio or deck to hang out on.”

Emma smiles excitedly. “Those both sound wonderful! Ok, let’s look this up on Google and see what we can find. Then our yard can look like our neighbors’ after their hardscape projects.”

She turns to find Shane typing away on Google Search. She walks over so she can look too.

Here’s what they find:

10 Types Of Hardscapes

Outdoor fire pit on a patio with landscaping
  1. Driveway
  2. Walkway
  3. Fence
  4. Walls (retaining and other)
  5. Patio
  6. Deck
  7. Stairs
  8. Pergola
  9. Gazebo
  10. Arbor


Driveway made from stone
Permeable Paver Driveway in Takoma Park

Update the look of your driveway! It’s a great way to boost your curb appeal and make your driveway nice.


Paver walkway leading to circular paver ending by front steps

You can make it easier and safer to get around your yard. Walkways come in several designs, styles, and materials.


Fence running around a backyard

Fences are a great type of hardscape for adding some privacy to your home. It can also lessen road noise.


Retaining wall made from red stone
Garden wall

You can use walls for privacy or to create more space! Retaining walls can open up your yard, leaving you with room to do more projects (or something for the kids or pets to run around in).


Patio outdoor living space
Covered deck next to an outdoor living room patio with grill, hottub, and smaller patio next to it with a fire pit

Patios are one of the most popular types of hardscapes. You can use them for anything from personal time to hosting parties.


Ground level deck with fence for privacy
Raised deck with furniture and umbrella with an outdoor living room beneath it too

Decks are another of the more popular hardscapes. You can use them for the same things as patios. Upper-level decks can give you a view, too.


A more manmade looking set of stacked stone stairs
Natural stepping stone stairs

There are several designs and styles for stone stairs. They make it easier to get around your home. No more worrying about wet grass, mud, or anything like that! You can see some stone stair projects clients had us do for their home.


Two pergolas in the same backyard
Full setup pergola with furniture, lights, and more

Pergola’s are a great addition to other hardscapes. You can see some pergola projects clients have had us do for their homes.


Gazebo in backyard

This type of hardscape is like a pergola but with a roof. They’re great little areas for relaxing and de-stressing.


Beautiful garden with arbor

There’s hardly a better addition to your garden or pathway than an arbor. You can have plants climbing up them for a more natural look, too.

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“These look great! I feel really good about getting some hardscaping done,” says Emma. Shane nods. “Let’s see what else they have on here about hardscapes before we make any decisions.”