This Is What A Portico Is And Pictures Of What They Can Look Like

Learn About Porticos And What They Can Do For Your Home In Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia

 A portico is basically a covered stoop. They’re great for providing a small covering for family and guests waiting to get inside or unlock the door.

See a few style options below-

I Hate it!

“Ugh, that was absolutely awful!” complains Shane as he walks in, covered in water.

“What was?” asks Emma as she starts looking for a towel he can use. “It’s dark and rainy outside so I was getting soaked while looking for my keys then even wetter while trying to fumble it in the lock,” says Shane angrily.

“Oof, that does sound awful,” says Emma sympathetically. “It wouldn’t have been a problem if our front door area had a covering. So we’re going to give it one,” says Shane. 

Emma frowns. “What do you mean?” Shane smiles. “I’m thinking we can install a portico! It’s one of the many ways to improve curb appeal, too.” Emma’s frown deepens. “What is a portico? Do you have any portico pictures or ideas?”

Shane brings out his phone. “Google will tell you everything you need to know.” He hands Emma the phone as he takes the towel she found for him to dry off with.

Here’s what she sees:

What Is A Portico?

Flat roofed portico with plantings

Portico is an Italian term for what’s basically a covered front porch. What makes it a portico is the columns that support the roof. You usually see them for larger homes and buildings. They’re great for cover during bad weather and you can install lights in them to brighten your door at night.

Portico Pictures

Forward slanting portico with square columns
Triangular roofed portico with square columns

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“So it’ll offer cover and make our home look even better? I’m in,” exclaims Emma. Shane smiles. “Awesome! Why don’t we keep looking at other ideas on this blog?”

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