What Are Plant Hardiness Zones And Why You Need To Know Yours

Find Out What It Is And Why It’s So Important For Plant Growers To Know

Plant hardiness zones basically determine whether or not certain plants can grow in your area. They do this based on one measurement every area has to deal with.

You can find out how it works and more in the post below-

Why Won’t It Grow?

“It gets water, fertilizer, sunlight, and everything else a growing plant needs. It just keeps dying.”

Dying plant

Shane can see the tears welling up in Caroline’s eyes. He knows how hard she’s been working to keep her plant alive and healthy. She looks almost as wilted as the very flowers she tried to keep alive.

Shane stops to think for a second. “Wait. If you’re doing everything you can to keep it alive, then maybe it isn’t you. Maybe something else is wrong. Not like with the plant or anything but…” he trails off. Caroline wipes her eyes as she thinks about it. 

“Well,” *sniffle* “I guess I could try looking up some things on Google. See what I can find.” Shane smiles and wraps an arm around Caroline as she pulls out her phone.

After some research, she ends up searching ‘what are plant hardiness zones.’ There she finds her answer.

Here is what Caroline finds-

What Are Plant Hardiness Zones

A plant hardiness zone is an indicator of what plants can grow where. It does this based on the minimum annual temperature for the area and if a plant can survive it. The zones range from 1 (-60 degrees F) to 13 (70 degrees F). 

Tulips of many different colors getting ready to bloom during Maryland spring after planting

“It says the plant hardiness zone for Bethesda is 7a. It has a minimum temperature of 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit,” Caroline reads. “Well, no wonder my plant never survived! I can’t believe I didn’t know this,” she sighs.

Shane squeezes her shoulder comfortingly. “I didn’t either, hon. But now we can find plants you can grow in Maryland’s hardiness zones!”

When you know your plant hardiness zone you can have a better idea of what plants will thrive in you yard. Otherwise many might end up dying.


Caroline nods her head and smiles. “I always did like a challenge. Now that I’ve overcome this one it’s time to find more plants to look after.”

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