What to Consider Before Landscaping by a Swimming Pool

If you have a pool, you already know that it creates an aesthetic that’s unique to your backyard. But whether you installed the pool or it was in place when you moved in, some professional landscaping can make a big difference. Before you get started, though, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Pools Aren’t One Size Fits All

Before you start planning your pool-area landscaping, take some time to consider how your household will use the pool. Are you more interested in creating a place to relax, or is this pool mostly for family fun and games?

Once you’ve identified your plans for your pool, you’ll be better able to create a plan for how you want it to look. A skilled landscaping professional can help you pick out the perfect products to fit your family’s needs.

Not All Plants Thrive Near Pools

The truth is, not all plants and flowers do well in a pool area. Even the plants that thrive in other areas of your yard might not make it. First, there’s the high humidity, and if that isn’t enough, splashes of pool water could land on your trees, shrubs, or flowers, damaging the delicate leaves.

So when it’s time to pick plants, prioritize suitability over how pretty something looks. The best plants can depend on the weather in your area, but here are some that typically do well near swimming pools:

  • Banana trees (for a tropical look)
  • Flowering shrubs (for a pop of color)
  • Hedges (for creating a privacy shield around the pool)
  • Creeping phlox (for softening up all that concrete)

Trees and Plants Can Shed

Another consideration is the cleanup involved with a plant-heavy pool area. Leaves near a pool can lead to a summer full of busy work. If you have natural trees, you might not want to cut them down, but you definitely don’t want to add freshly planted shrubs, flowers, and trees that shed their leaves day after day.

Fortunately, there are more than a few options for eye-pleasing landscaping that doesn’t create litter. Here are some of the plants and flowers that are less likely to drop leaves.

  • Mediterranean fan palm
  • Ironwood
  • Shrubs
  • Japanese maple trees

The best first step you can take toward landscaping your pool area? Hire a pool landscaping professional. The experts at Great American Landscapes can craft the perfect backyard for your needs. Call us at (301) 972-5681 or complete the form here to schedule a free consultation.

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