Why You Should Plant Trees

Are you looking for a small way to make a big impact in your landscaping? Up your curb appeal with this one step – plant a tree! Trees offer a variety of both environmental and aesthetic benefits to your front or back yard.


Trees screen views – They help muffle sound from nearby streets, and create an eye-soothing canopy of green. Plant trees along the fence for an instant green oasis.


The colors – Love fall colors? Bring them home with color-changing trees! Be sure to plant them early enough so the leaves are ready come fall.


Trees save energy – Plating shady trees on the south and west faces of your house can reduce winter heating bills by up to 15 percent and summer cooling bills by up to 50 percent. As few as three trees can make a difference.


Trees protect – During a storm, the canopy and root systems of trees act as a sponge and a filter, cleaning the water as it seeps into the water table and reducing storm water runoff.

Trees help us breathe- Through photosynthesis the average tree can clean up to 330 pounds of carbon dioxide annually while emitting enough oxygen for a whole family.

So why not plant a tree today? Give us a call and we’ll find the best tree for your yard.