Winter Landscape: Refresh Your Garden During The Winter Months

With fall almost over and winter nearly here, we tend to not spend as much time entertaining outdoors or sitting out in the garden enjoying the sounds of nature. Most of the trees have lost their leaves, few flowers are in bloom and the wildlife is preparing for winter, while many have navigated south for warmer climates. With little left to enjoy outside, do we even need to be concerned with our gardens?

Well, this may actually be the perfect time to take into consideration what your lighting, hardscaping, and trees are saying about your landscape. When a garden is in full bloom in the spring and summer months, it is hard to imagine what it will look like when the gloomy, gray days of winter are upon you. Take the time to look for areas that are now barren in your garden and think of adding a structural piece, like an arbor, trellis, sculpture or bench.

Before you being placing objects in your garden to fill voids left by winter bareness, think about how you will make an inviting path to them? Perhaps you may want to add some beds along each side of the walkway with inviting annual or perennials, as well as some soft solar lighting fixtures to lighten up even the darkest evenings of winter.

If you already have some structural pieces, think about giving them an upgrade. Add a fresh coat of stain to your patio, replace worn wooden handrails with new wrought iron or add some fresh color to existing pieces such as benches or chair coverings.

Add texture and intrigue to your landscape with the bark of your deciduous trees. Ones with interesting or colorful bark can add fun textures and colors to an otherwise winter gray landscape. Trees such as the dogwood will add dark, red/brown bark while the lighter colored birch trees with the appearance of their peeling bark can add a fun look to your landscape.

Also, adding evergreens will give your garden a constant dose of lively green at varying heights and density during the long winter months, even when adorned with snow. You can also add some ornamental grasses. Speckling some oranges and tan grasses to dance in the winter breeze will give your landscape the finishing touch.

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