Winter Lawn Care For Keeping Your Maryland Yard Beautiful

You Can Use These 9 Winter Lawn Care Tips For Your Yard In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

Looking for ways to keep your lawn looking the best it can during winter? Well, with these 9 winter lawn care tips (like doing some winter pruning) you just might become the envy of the neighborhood. Or, at the least, your yard will be ready for when winter strikes.

Starting Before The First Frost

The temperature is dropping further and there’s a certain iciness in the air. The leaves are almost all gone from the trees and, really, it’s about the right time of year.

It also helps that the weather is predicting the first frost of the season will come soon. That’s why Robin is preparing her yard by doing winter lawn care.

She whips out her lawn care list and turns to the winter section.

Woman performing winter lawn care

5 Ways For Preparing Your Yard For Winter

1. Look After Your Hardscapes

Your yard’s overall look includes the driveway and walkways.

Before winter is an important time to fill cracks in the asphalt or concrete and apply a sealant to help prevent water penetration damage. Any time water gets into cracks and freezes you’re at risk for even more damage.

You may also want to get some driveway salt to keep it clear of snow and ice.

2. Water Your Evergreens

Though they may be winter-proof they’re still plants and plants need water.

If it was a rainy fall then watering isn’t necessary. If it’s less than 4 inches of rain for the month you’ll need one or two hour-long waterings once a week for up to three weeks.

3. Do Some Pruning

Some of your plants need pruning for the dead, damaged, dried, or displaced parts it may have.

Shears for pruning as part of winter lawn care

A few may need pruning to help prevent damage from snow and ice storms. Others need it for looks or to control size for next spring. Just don’t prune certain flowering plants like hydrangeas, lilacs, and viburnum because it could spoil their spring bloom.

4. Protect Your Irrigation System

Before the first freeze sets in, shut off your sprinkler system and wrap the main shut off valve with insulating material. Wrap any other above-ground pipes too.

Turn off automatic timers for your irrigation system. If you have a digital timer, we suggest setting it to “rain mode” or “off”. This will preserve your timer settings but will avoid the system turning on during the cold months. If you have an analog system, it is best to just power it off and then reset it when the weather warms up again. If your system has a pump as well, disconnect the wires to avoid the pump overheating.

Drain your irrigation pipes.

Insulate and protect your irrigation systems valves and backflow preventers if they are located above ground.

5. Pack Everything Up

After you’re done prepping your yard for winter make sure to pack up your tools and equipment!

But these aren’t the only steps Robin needs to take for winter lawn care. They’ll help protect her lawn but she wants it to stay looking as good as possible too.

Winter Lawn Care To Keep Your Yard Looking Great

Should I Fertilize My Lawn In The Winter?

Robin shakes her head yes, reminding herself that she needs to aerate and fertilize her lawn as part of her winter yard care program.

Aeration helps your lawn breathe before any snow sets in and compacts the ground. This makes it more likely for your grass to bounce back healthy and green for spring. The fertilizer is stored in the grass’ roots until springtime when it is used to give them a head start into being green and lush.

Clear Off The Snow

Snow is beautiful except for when it’s damaging your plants.

It piles up and gets thick and heavy, which means it can break or otherwise damage your plants. For this winter lawn care tip, gently brush the snow off with an upward motion. If they’re icy just leave them be until it melts.

Add Evergreens And Other Plants

Want a splash of color in your yard year-round?

Woman performing winter lawn care

Evergreens, under proper care, can last all year every year for a long time. They don’t need much maintenance and you’ll soon grow to love them.

You can also add in trees or shrubs with berries like holly (the berries are a sweet treat for any winter birds too).

Care For Structures Or Add Some

You’ll want to take care of the non-living objects in your yard as part of winter lawn care too.

Outdoor furniture should be covered or moved inside the garage or storage space. Statues, pots, and other artistic features should also be moved inside to prevent any cracking or damage.

If you have a pergola, gazebo, or other outdoor structure nows the ideal time to touch them up (or add one if you don’t have one). A new stain, replacing worn handrails, or adding fresh colors are a few ways you can touch up your outdoor structures.

What Will Robin (And You) Do?

Robin has a long to-do list if she wants her lawn to be ready for winter. She might not be able to do it all on her own.

Instead, she (and you) can use a maintenance service.

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