3 Great Outdoor Living Room Ideas For Your Maryland Back Yard

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You can look at pictures of outdoor living room ideas all day long trying to imagine what it would be like to have one of your own. It can start to get kind of boring, especially when there are 20+ pictures in a row.

Instead of doing that, you can spice up your research by following these 3 stories involving real outdoor living areas near you.


“Dinner’s ready!” The call goes out, bringing everyone back together under the stylish wooden pergola.

The bottomless pits (aka teenagers) jump from the hot tub into the pool to swim across, the fastest way for them to get to where the food is. They swoosh out of the pool right before the adults manage to get out.

Beautiful outdoor living room idea with pergola kitchen and fireplace

Their wet footprints form a beeline over the concrete pavers towards the outdoor kitchen area. Burgers, hot dogs, and all of the fixings form an assembly line right beside the grill.

The first few to get food are the ones who kept the chef company. They are now sitting back around the table in their cushioned wicker chairs, enjoying the flickering fire and crackling sound of burning wood. The natural stone fireplace is perfect for the cool autumn night.

Outdoor living room with pergola, kitchen, pool and hot tub, and natural stone fireplace

Laughter and conversations between friends begin filling the air, a perfect match to the subtle background music.

As night finally falls the string lights woven into the pergola awaken, casting a beautiful bronze glow upon the patio.


Smooth jazz fills the late afternoon air as Jen and John go through the door leading to their covered deck.

The smell of steak and chicken waft deliciously upward, reminding them that it’s time to eat. The couple takes their food and sits down at the patio table, enjoying the food and each others’ company.

Covered deck next to an outdoor living room patio with grill, hot tub, and smaller patio next to it with a fire pit

After finishing their meal they perform a little waltz along with the music. The brick patio is warm beneath their bare feet. They both smile as they remember doing the same dance on their first date.

They break apart so Jen can go kindle the fire pit. Her favorite dessert, s’mores, is next on the menu and she can’t wait to start roasting (burning, really) the jumbo marshmallows.

Plus, they both love nothing more than curling up next to each other in front of a fire.

Outdoor living room ideas in Damascus Maryland with covered deck, patio, and fire pit

The sky is starting to have a threatening look to it so they move the fire pit to under the covered deck. Nothing is going to ruin their mini-couples retreat, not even rain.

Of course, they can do it all again tomorrow because of their outdoor living room idea.


A Folmer family reunion is not an event you want to miss.

The grill is smoking, the meat is sizzling, and the veggies are grilling to perfection. The grill master is keeping a wary eye on the children zipping around the backyard and paver patio.

Underneath the second story deck is another outdoor living room

The older kids have made the area beneath the deck their base of operations. From here they can easily reach the food and they feel like they have some privacy from “prying” adults (who aren’t too interested in their activities).

They keep eyeing the hot tub, but that may be more of an evening/night time activity. For now, the comfortable patio furniture is keeping them in place.

Outdoor living room underneath deck

Back at the grill, the traditional argument of the best way to cook meat is still underway.

The other adults are watching the debate from the raised deck. It’s almost like a sporting event, especially because they have friendly bets on who’s going to be this year’s winner.

It’s anyone’s game on Raising The Steaks!

Raised deck with furniture and umbrella with an outdoor living room beneath it too

Overall, the familial atmosphere is enhanced by this beautiful outdoor living room idea, and the Folmer family loves it.


You can choose from many different styles of outdoor rooms or even create a custom one. We would love to know your opinion on our work here. Please let us know which one of these is your favorite in the comments below: BBQ, Couple’s Retreat, or Family Reunion.

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