Summer Gardening Checklist Of 12 Things You Need To Do

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You can use this summer gardening checklist to ready your yard for summer and keep it looking great. Pruning, planting, and protecting are a few of the 12.


“Summer’s here and the checklist is back!” Emma smiles.

Daniel stands up and stretches. “Alright, let’s get this show on the road. Wait, which checklist is this again? Or is this for summer lawn care?” Emma rolls her eyes. “It’s the summer gardening checklist, of course. We’ve got work to do to get our garden and yard into summer condition!

Daniel nods and cracks his knuckles. “I’ll go get the kiddos and have them help. It’ll be some family bonding time and we’ll get everything done faster. They need to know how to do this stuff anyway.”

As he goes to do that, Emma looks over this checklist-


  1. Plant flower beds, vegetables, container plants, and hanging baskets
  2. Put some houseplants outside for the summer so they get more natural sunlight
  3. Fertilize crops and existing plants
  4. Spray plants with natural pesticides to protect them from pests (keep an eye out for past through the summer)
  5. Clean cutting tools before and after use to avoid spreading diseases
  6. Prune shrubs, flowers, and other plants to keep them healthy and looking good
  7. Remove diseased wood and plants
  8. Weed beds and borders of plants/gardens
  9. Mulch the gardening area (colored mulch makes a great splash)
  10. Start a compost
  11. Mow the lawn at least once a week
  12. Straighten any tilted plants or trees with a rope and a post

Emma hears heavy feet coming down the stairs. “Alright everyone, let’s get started! I’ll assign jobs, we’ll work together, and have fun! It shouldn’t take too long with all of us helping.” 

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