5 DIY Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Window boxes are easy and DIY backyard landscaping ideas
Window boxes are easy and DIY backyard landscaping ideas

Craft Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Yard Into Something Even More Amazing

You can make your yard even more amazing by using these 5 easy DIY backyard landscaping ideas. Add lights that don’t need a lighting expert, plant easy-to-care-for flowers, turn your window sills into miniature gardens, and you can even build your own seating (it might be easier than you think). You can even use these ideas in your yard today!

Read on to see how you can use ideas like these for your own home (and don’t forget about idea #5).


“They’re coming soon and you know how she is!”

The holidays are approaching, and so is the extended family. Dana knows this and what comes with it: the looks, the subtle checking for dust with a finger movement, and the commentary about how “oh I wish you had our landscape designer for your poor yard.”

Peter pauses his Ghostbusters movie so he can pay better attention to Dana. “Oh, I remember her making all sorts of sly comments about our yard alright.”

Together they agree to find some DIY easy backyard landscaping ideas to make their yard negative-comment proof.


String lights easy DIY backyard landscaping idea

One way Dana and Peter can upgrade their yard is with lighting.

You can use solar lights because all you need to do is stake them in or set them up, so they get plenty of sunlight, and voila! You’ll have wonderful, free lighting lining your paths or boundaries.

You can also get some string lights and wind them through trees, fences, along rails, or anywhere else you can think of.

“We’re definitely doing lighting, it’ll make our yard and paths stand out at night.” The couple goes on to the next idea


A great way for Dana to spruce up her home is with window boxes.

These small gardens can add beautiful colors and life to otherwise bare walls. They also make great additions to decks, balconies, and other areas where they can “hang out”.

You can even put one right outside the kitchen window full of herbs to add to your meals!

This is one of our arsenal’s most interesting DIY easy backyard landscaping ideas.


Peter is a big gardener, and he loves planting annuals.

This time he’s going to carefully choose bright, beautiful flowers to add splashes of color here and there in the yard. He has 4 annuals in mind that can make their yard pop, like wax begonias. 

Good luck trying to call his yard boring once he’s done with it.


This is one trickier DIY easy landscaping idea, but Peter wants to try it out.

One of our favorite DIY seating ideas involves covering low-cost concrete blocks with a foam pad. You can also stack some wood pallets and put comfy cushions and pillows on them, just don’t leave the cushions outside unless they can get wet.


Dana and Peter have some open areas of dirt in their backyard.

They can use crushed river rocks to fill in the spaces around and between the stones that make up the pathway.

The bright pebbles will contrast nicely with the darker and larger stones.


“First we do the gravel and then the lights followed by the plants, window boxes, and finally the DIY seating,” Dana rattles off expertly. Peter nods in agreement, and they head to their local garden center to get their supplies.

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