Amazing Garden Pathway Ideas You’ll Find In Homes Near You

great american landscapes clarkburg md garden pathway


Some garden pathway ideas people are using include a more natural look, using natural stone, and paver paths. You can choose from more materials than that, though.

Discover what they look like below-


“Well, yeah, we cut the grass, not the other way around,” jokes Emma.

Shane sighs and rubs his temples. “Any other day and I might have chuckled. But I’m tired of walking in wet grass and mud. Let’s look at some garden pathway ideas today.”

Emma groans. “It’s not that bad. We don’t have to use the yard or go out in it when it’s wet and muddy. Or just buy shoes you can ruin.” Shane frowns. “But what about if we have guests over? We don’t want them ruining their shoes. Walking through grass and dirt is bad enough.”

Emma cringes a bit. “Yeah, that doesn’t sound good. I think we should look up some garden pathway pictures and choose a style for our yard.”

Shane barks out a laugh. “Alright, let’s do it.” They both get their phones out and start searching on Google.

Here’s what they see:


These garden pathway pictures come from client’s homes. Some had us design everything for them while others played a more active role in the design process. The materials are usually some sort of stone, though you can choose from more materials than that.

The projects are in either Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington DC. 

“These project pictures are awesome! We need one of these garden pathway ideas for our yard,” says Emma excitedly. “Before we do that, why don’t we see what else we can get for our yard,” suggests Shane.

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