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Best Flowers to Plant in Howard County, MD for a Vibrant Summer Garden

Best Flowers to Plant in Howard County, MD, in the Summer

Best Flowers to Plant in Howard County, MD, in the Summer

When planting flowers in Howard County, MD, during the summer season, selecting the right varieties can add beauty and vibrancy to your garden. 

This article will explore the web search results to discover the best flowers to plant in Howard County, MD, in the summer of 2023. Whether you’re looking for popular summer flowers, native options, or annuals suitable for shade, we’ve got you covered!

Our Favorite Flowers for Howard County in 2023

  1. Gloriosa Daisies, Zinnia, Lisianthus, Aster, and More: Great American Landscapes provides a list of the best summer flowers for Maryland gardens, including Gloriosa daisies, zinnia, lisianthus, aster, and more [1]. These flowers can enhance the visual appeal of your yard and create a colorful display throughout the summer months.
  2. Recommended Native Plants: For those interested in native plants, the University of Maryland Extension offers a comprehensive list of recommended native plants for Maryland [2]. While this list includes various plants suitable for different purposes, it can guide you in selecting native flowers that thrive in Howard County’s unique climate and support the local ecosystem.
  3. Local Flower Farm: For those interested in purchasing flowers locally, Gill Hill Flower Farm in West Friendship, Maryland, offers wholesale and retail flower sales [5]. By supporting local flower growers, you can enjoy fresh, high-quality blooms while contributing to the community.

When planning your summer garden in Howard County, MD, consider incorporating a mix of popular summer flowers like gloriosa daisies, zinnia, lisianthus, and aster. 

For a sustainable and regionally appropriate choice, explore the list of recommended native plants for Maryland. Caladiums can provide an excellent solution for adding color and interest if you have shady areas in your garden.

Additionally, consider supporting local flower farms like Gill Hill Flower Farm for fresh and locally grown blooms. By selecting the best flowers for your Howard County garden, you can create a visually stunning and thriving landscape to enjoy throughout the summer months.

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Best Flowers to Plant in Howard County, MD, in the Summer

Best Flowers to Plant in Howard County, MD, in the Summer

Selecting the right flowers for your summer garden in Howard County, MD is crucial for a vibrant and beautiful landscape. Explore the top choices, including popular summer flowers, native plants, and annuals for shade. Let Great American Landscapes turn your yard into an enchanting oasis that will make your neighbors envious. Contact us today to bring your dream garden to life.

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