April Gardening Tips You’ll Want To Know Living In Maryland

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Create A Beautiful Garden Using The Right Plants And Tactics For Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

You can use these April gardening tips to create a garden ideal for Maryland and the surrounding area. It’s the ideal time for cool-season crops, preparing annual beds, and planting herbs. You’ll also want to avoid doing a few things so your plants can truly thrive.

There are a few more tips you’ll want to know below.


“April is basically like first Christmas for me,” Angela chirps.

She is ready to start gardening for the warmer months again. “I don’t get it,” says Dwight. “What makes April so much better for gardening than all the other months?”

Angela puts her hands on her hips and cocks her head to the side. “You know, you ask that every year and every year refuse to listen to my explanation. Not this year! You’re going to listen and learn why I love April for gardening.”

Beautiful garden with arbor

Dwight tries to get up and escape but before he can Angela plants herself right in front of him. He grumbles and sinks back into his chair.

“This is how I try to make our yard look like a professional plantings portfolio page. First, we’ll start with some April gardening tips,” Angela says with a satisfied smile.


Lantana plants are beautiful annuals that love sunny areas

1. April weather can be tricky. You’ll want to keep any plant rows covered until winter weather is totally gone. During any hot days, you’ll want to remove them and place them back when it gets cold.

“So that’s why you get up so early on certain days in April,” Dwight realizes. “Mhm,” Angela nods and continues.

2. You can start preparing new annual beds for the year. Turn compost and any other organic material blended with slow-release fertilizers into the soil.

3. You can still start warm-weather flowers and vegetables indoors like zinnias, asters, marigolds, sage, tomatoes, and peppers.

Purple asters looking amazing as one of the best summer flowers for garden planting

“That explains the sudden increase in the plant pots in our house,” Dwight points out. “Very good honey,” Angela smiles. “Now, back to more April gardening tips.”

4. April is also the time to plant cool-season crops like sugar peas, lettuce, and other greens.

5. Don’t cut them! Once your spring bulbs like daffodils bloom you don’t want to cut the leaves. They need them to make new bulbs for next year. It’s best to keep them until they start yellowing.

“Hmm, self-starters huh? I like that in my plants,” Dwight says in all seriousness. Angela rolls her eyes and smiles as she continues with her April gardening tips.

6. April is also an excellent month for planting herbs. The danger of frost is gone so you can plant them right into the ground or in containers.

Man fertilizing his grass as part of fall lawn maintenance

7. Now is the time to fix any dead or bare spots in your lawn. Grass loves this time of year which is why it grows so well.

Look for grasses with less than 1% of “weed” or “crop” seeds.

It’s also best to buy grass with over a 70% germination rate on the label.

“I knew that one because I do it for our lawn every few years,” Dwight says proudly. “Yes you do, dear,” Angela says, continuing with her April gardening tips.

Shears for pruning as part of winter lawn care

8. You’ll also want to prune any flowering bulbs. This way they won’t set seed and will store energy in their bulbs instead.

9. You can give your houseplants a little vacation and set them outside in a shady area. Sun-loving plants can gradually move to sunnier areas.

“Makes sense,” Dwight says casually. Angela knows he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but she’ll teach him. She moves on to her last 2 April gardening tips.

10. Monitoring rainfall is important for any successful garden. Most plants need about 1 inch of moisture every week for the best growth.

11. Prepare for plant pests. Spring is springing and that means plant pests are getting ready to as well. Treat your plants so they won’t get eaten.

“Not on my watch!” Dwight says forcefully, shooting up and out of his chair. “It’s time to put these April gardening tips into action and I’m starting with the defenses.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Beautiful-garden.jpg

He starts marching towards the house while Angela laughs and shakes her head. She knows Dwight has no idea where to start to keep plant pests away but she’s loving his enthusiasm.

Too bad he wasn’t like this when she was looking for the best summer flowers for Maryland.

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