3 Of The Best Drought Resistant Plants For Maryland Summers

3 Of The Best Drought Resistant Plants For Maryland Summers orange butterfly weed

Gardeners In Maryland Love Decorating Their Homes With These Plants

Drought-resistant plants are amazing (and so are you)! Not only do they look beautiful but they also help conserve the water we all need.

In this post, you can discover 3 of the best drought-tolerant plants Maryland has to offer. You’ll also find out a bit about each one. You can also find a list of some other great plants that don’t need much water.


“It’s hot and dry enough to feel like a savanna,” pants Shane.

Emma wipes the sweat from her forehead as she looks sadly down at their plants. “And our plants are certainly feeling it. Looks like we need to start over, again. Back to the summer gardening checklist.”

Shane squeezes her shoulder comfortingly. “Maybe we just need drought-resistant plants for summers. Maryland certainly seems to have some hot ones.” Emma looks up thoughtfully at the sky. “Drought-tolerant plants…works for me, let’s start looking.”

Emma walks inside to grab her phone, Shane cruising behind her. “Let’s see what we can find on Google. Got to make sure the plants are good for Maryland so…” She starts scrolling through Google.

“Here we go! Let’s see what this post says.”


These plants can live well without water for longer than other plants. Depending on the plant it can be anywhere from a few weeks to a whole season. They may like some light watering, but nothing serious. They help save your water and your money.

There are 3 other summer gardening ideas you might like.


Wild red columbine flower

Blue Wild Indigo/Blue False Indigo, Black-Eyed Susan, and Yarrow are quite drought-resistant plants. Not only that but they look beautiful as well! Some of them even attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the yards they’re in.

A few other examples of drought-resistant plants include:

  • Green And Gold
  • Tango Hyssop
  • Blue Ice (Blue Star)
  • Wild Red Columbine
  • Butterfly Weed
  • Woods Pink
  • Carolina Moonlight


Wild blue indigo one of the best drought resistant plants

Kind of funny how this plant has two colors in its name, right? It’s a beautiful summer plant blooming from May to July. It loves full sun and partly sunny areas. You should see more butterflies and ladybugs, they love this drought-resistant perennial. You won’t have to worry about deer either as it’s deer-resistant.


Black eyed susans are great drought resistant plants e1620407701852 1

You can enjoy this drought-resistant flower from June to October, maybe November. Black-Eyed Susans are part of the sunflower family. You can see this in their bright yellow petals and dark-colored centers. They thrive in full sun and part sun. This native perennial also attracts butterflies, ladybugs, and even hummingbirds! They’re also deer-resistant. 


Yarrow is a beautiful drought tolerant plant
Yarrow is a beautiful drought tolerant plant

While this drought-tolerant plant looks dainty and lace-like, it’s quite tough. It’s easy to grow and comes in several different colors. It loves full sun areas. You’ll see it bloom between April and July. It’s also deer and other pest resistant.


“These three plants sound great, but I’d like to check out the others on that list of drought-tolerant plants,” says Emma. “Great, let’s do it! Maybe this post has more garden stuff that’d be good to know,” says Shane.

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