Plants For Curb Appeal: 5 Lovely & Low Maintenance Choices

plants curb appeal

Plants for curb appeal in Maryland come in many shapes and sizes. These 5 will beautify the front of your home. They are also fairly easy to maintain. You can use these plants to work less to enjoy your home more. 

Sarah frowns across the street at Jennifer’s yard.

It didn’t look this good yesterday. Jennifer now has the best looking front yard on the street. Her new curb appeal plants create a symphony of color in an amazing design.

Beautiful landscaping 1

It has to be a professional job. There’s no way Jennifer and her husband, Mike, could do all of that in such a short timespan. They barely follow the basic summer lawn care tips.

Sarah isn’t about to give up her title of best yard easily.

She knows she needs something even more amazing, but she isn’t quite sure what. Sarah turns around and briskly walks over to her computer.

When in doubt, turn to Google. She is sure she can find the ideal plants to put her back on top.

A few hours later…

Sarah sits back with a smile. In front of her are 5 plants for curb appeal she knows will work wonderfully (better than Jennifers, certainly).

Not only are they beautiful but they are easy to maintain too. This means she’ll have an easier time making sure her yard stays amazing for longer.

Here are the 5 plants she is considering adding to her yard.

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Sarah is looking forward to trying out her artistic talent on her boxwoods. They are low maintenance, sculptable, and fancy. She sees them often in other high-end areas.

Try topping this, Jennifer.

Boxwoods are a one of the best plants for curb appeal 1024x566 1

They’ll look great underneath the trees around her yard. She may even let one grow to its full 15-foot height, well, once she gets good at shearing and pruning them to the shape she wants. She wonders what that will look like when it blooms from April – May…


Sarah can almost see the 3 feet by 3 feet of pinkish-purple blooms. They will look fantastic in her sunnier areas.

Pink hydrangea one of the most beautiful plants for curb appeal
Pink hydrangea one of the most beautiful plants for curb appeal

She will have to prune them back once every spring.

This does help the plant grow better so it can live longer, better, and more beautiful. It’s worth it for only once a year.

Plus it’ll bloom year after year as long as she plants it in the right area.

Summer and fall are going to be amazing.


Sarah’s planning on knocking the competition out of the park with these roses. She can choose between red, pink, yellow, or white.

Gorgeous yellow knock out rose
Gorgeous yellow knock out rose

They can accompany her hydrangeas in sunny areas. It will be a good fit too because they can be just as tall or taller than the hydrangeas 3-foot heig

ht. They bloom around the same time too, April-November.

They also need pruning but only once every 2-3 years.


These beautiful summer flowers will dot Sarah’s landscape, adding splashes of color here and there.

Their bluish-purple blooms are gorgeous. From May-August she will be seeing more butterflies along with the flowering geraniums.

Rozanne geranium looking beautiful as a curb appeal plant 1 1
Rozanne geranium looking beautiful as a curb appeal plant 1 1

Sarah will plant them in the semi-sunny areas. She can’t wait to see the leaves start turning red in the fall.


From April-May Sarah will have beautiful pink flowers blooming alongside her home. The rest of the year people will see olive green leaves.

Plants for curb appeal include this rhododendron
Plants for curb appeal include this rhododendron

Rhododendrons will work perfectly in the partially shady areas around her home.

They only grow to 3 feet high and wide. This means Sarah will have less pruning to do, especially if she chooses a slow-growing, dwarf, and/or compact rhododendron.


Sarah has 5 excellent choices among plants for curb appeal. She feels confident she can use them to create a masterpiece.


Jennifer glares suspiciously over at Sarah’s house.

She knows it won’t be long before Sarah rises to the challenge. There’s no way Jennifer will have the best front yard for long. She smiles to herself as she walks along her pathway, relishing the challenge.

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